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The map of perfumes and the colors of the wine

Viticulture on the hills of Verona dates back to the fifth century BC. 

Wine was the favourite grape nectar for the Romans, and in particular for Emperor Augustus. 

King Theodoric defined Acinatico as the “odierno recioto dal colore regale e di dolcezza speciale”, and it was much appreciated on the tables of the noble family of the Scaliger. 

In 1311, the Valpolicella county was already known. Veneto is the first region in Italy for the production of quality wines, with 24 DOC areas. 

To protect and support this heritage, the following consortia were created in the area: Bardolino, Custoza and Garda for the hilly area of the lake, Valpolicella, Soave, Valdadige, Terradeiforti in the area north of Verona, Durello in Lessinia, Arcole in the plains. The historic centre is full of taverns where to taste many of the Veronese labels.

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