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Romeo & Juliet Travelling performance.

Teatro Nuovo
Teatro Nuovo
Teatro Nuovo
Teatro Nuovo
Teatro Nuovo
Teatro Nuovo


Romeo, Juliet and Mercutio will be accompanying spectators through the fascinating sites of the historic centre of Verona as they enact the most celebrated love story of all times, written by William Shakespeare. 

Being a travelling performance, the play starts off in the famous Juliet’s Courtyard, continuing on to the evocative Juliet’s Terrace, and moving through the most beautiful places in the heart of the city before returning to the Teatro Nuovo for the final act.

The audience will have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the most famous tragedy in the world performed in the streets and squares where it was originally set.


In case of rain the show will be held inside the Teatro Nuovo.




This production, first put on in 1989 under the direction of Paolo Valerio, has become a not-to-be-missed event over the years, achieving increasingly greater success with the public, both Italian and international. 


“Romeo and Juliet is an immortal play and this production, staged in the most idyllic setting, will always continue to enchant us and make us fall in love with Love, Shakespeare and the Theatre.”

Paolo Valerio.


1989 – Presentation of the first production of Romeo and Juliet at Juliet’s house.

1997 - Romeo and Juliet at Juliet’s Tomb.

1993 - Romeo and Juliet at the Mastio di Castelvecchio.

1995 - Romeo and Juliet, a travelling show held in the evening and for schools.

2006 – Debut of the new production of Romeo and Juliet at the Teatro Nuovo.

Since 2015 – the show has been presented in two versions, one in Italian and one in the original language, thanks to the collaboration with the renowned King’s Theatre of Portsmouth.


Once again in 2018, the show will be performed throughout the summer months with a double cast of Italian and English actors.

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Piazza Francesco Viviani, 10
37121 Verona (VR)


Full price                         20  

Reduced price             15

(Groups of a minimum of 10 people, over 65 and under 25) 

Families                      21

(1 Adult + 1 Under 12)

Teatro Nuovo