Ponte Scaligero

Ponte Scaligero
Ponte Scaligero

101 metres long, Ponte Scaligero  is considered by historians the most audacious work of the Middle Ages in Verona. It was built in 1354 by Cangrande II della Scala. Connected to the Castelvecchio Bridge, it was used exclusively by the family in the event of an attack to secure the escape on the opposite shore towards Tyrol where there were allies and Ludovico il Bavaro.

Perhaps designed by architect Guglielmo Bevilacqua, it has three strong arches with fortified walls characterised by communication trenches and slits.  Ghibelline "swallow-tailed" crenellations and the two towers at its ends make it the most elegant bridge in the city.

The terracotta bricks and the white marble used to build it create elegant chiaroscuro effects. Roman materials such as Corinthian capitals and bas-reliefs were also used, and can be admired near the castle. This majestic bridge managed to withstand five hundred years of Adige's floods, but not the retreat of the Germans in 1945 that made it blown up. It was immediately rebuilt using the original materials on the riverbed, while preserving its original architecture.

Ponte di Castelvecchio
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