Palazzo Della Gran Guardia

Palazzo Della Gran Guardia
Palazzo Della Gran Guardia

The construction of the Grand Guard dates back to 1609 when Captain Giovanni Mocenigo wrote to the Doge of Venice Leonardo Donà. He suggested the construction of a large and spacious building where to practice fencing and examine the troops to be used on rainy days. I was designed by architect Curtoni, but works were interrupted due to the financial difficulties of the municipality.

The works were resumed in 1819, when Verona ceased to belong to the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, passing definitively under the rule of Austria. The municipality asked architect Giuseppe Barbieri, the same who built the neighbouring Palazzo Barbieri, to finish the works.

Set on two floors and the attic, the majestic arcades in the syle of Sanmicheli recall the nearby Arena, while on the upper floor there are large rectangular windows.

Today it is a modern multi-purpose centre and hosts international conferences and exhibitions of all kinds.

Piazza Bra, 1
37121 Verona (VR)
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