Palazzo Barbieri

Palazzo Barbieri
Palazzo Barbieri

This majestic neoclassical building at Piazza Bra, designed by architect Giuseppe Barbieri, was built between 1836 and 1848 during the Austrian occupation.

It was initially used for war use but after Veneto was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, it became the seat of the Municipal Administration.

The facade, decorated with large semi-columns in Corinthian style, aims at enhancing the monumentality of the square, while its three halls celebrate the most glorious episodes in the history of the city.

In the Council Hall, a huge canvas by Felice Brusasorci dating back to the 16th century depicts the victory of the Veronesi over the Benacesi. In the Hall of Tapestries, named after post-war artifacts, you can admire the canvases depicting dinners at the Levi's house by Veronese and the victory of the Veronesi with Barbarossa by Paolo Farinati.

Finally, in the Representation Hall, there are paintings of Piazza Erbe and popular scenes dating back to different periods.

Piazza Bra, 1
37121 Verona (VR)
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