Loggia Del Consiglio

Loggia Del Consiglio
Loggia Del Consiglio

The so-called Loggia del Consiglio or Loggia di Fra Giocondo is a wonderful Renaissance building built in 1476. After the Scaliger family, Verona was ruled by the Republic of Venice while maintaining a certain autonomy expressed by the Consiglio degli Illustri Cittadini.

Perhaps in order to claim the importance of the glorious past of Rome with respect to this new domination with no history, a building with Roman decorations was built in the heart of the city. The palace has a splendid eight-arch style arcade in neoclassical style and a finely frescoed floor with colourful marbles and sculptures. On top, there are statues of illustrious people, such as architect Vitruvius, poet Catullo, naturalist Pliny the Elder, poet Macro and historian Cornelio Nepote. According to some, it was designed by the great architect Fra Giocondo, as shown by the bas-relief at the side of the building depicting a monk with an open book.

At the end of its construction, Venice, to remind the citizens of Verona of their domination, wanted the “Pro summa fide summus amor” inscription, which means “The highest fidelity brings the greatest love”. On the arch to the left there is the statue of Girolamo Fracastoro, a sixteenth-century doctor and a great scientist.

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