Government Palace

Government Palace

The Government Palace was the residence of Cangrande I della Scala. It is characterised by a U shape, typical Ghibelline crenellations and an inner courtyard. The facade overlooking Piazza dei Signori is majestic, while the other one,  overlooking the Scaliger Tombs,  is a simple entrance.

The one overlooking the square has a 14th-century loggia built by Cansignorio. The arches of the upper floors are characterised, on the sub-arches, by the first examples of medieval medallions of the Middle Ages. The white Renaissance portal, recalling the Roman triumphal arches, was commissioned in 1553 by Michele Sanmicheli. Dominated by a winged lion, the symbol of Venice, at that time it was the residence of the Podestà.

During the Scaliger period, not only Dante Alighieri and Giotto lived here for long periods, but also cardinals, princes, ambassadors, painters, musicians and different artists.

Today it houses the Prefettura the Provincia of Verona offices.

Piazza dei Signori
37121 Verona (VR)
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