Church of San Siro and Libera

Church of San Siro and Libera
Church of San Siro and Libera

The Church of San Siro and Libera is built inside the area of the Roman Theatre and shows the many changes occurred over the centuries.

According to legend, the first Mass in Verona was celebrated in this temple, leading to the conversion of many pagans.  According to another legend, San Siro was the child who passed the food to Jesus during the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish and then came to preach in Verona. The dedication to Santa Libera is not clear.

The Church was built by Berengar I in the tenth century, then granted to the Secret Brotherhood of the Most Holy Body of Christ in 1517. This Brotherhood had important exponents like the painter Cignaroli, buried at the centre of the church, and Pope Clement XIII with his bust over the  Porta Maggiore.

The elegant façade, with an arched porch portal, hides frescoes of 1200. The interior features two deep chapels with four altars and portraits of Saints. Wonderful is the central altar, built in inlaid marbles and mother-of-pearl, and the wooden choir (1717-1720) by Andrea Kraft, Petendorf and Siut.

The central chair has a movable backrest behind which it is possible to penetrate the secret arcades of the theatre.

Rigaste Redentore
37129 Verona (VR)
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