Between prehistory and vineyards


The territory of Fumane is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes: in the lower band there are expanses of vineyards along with slopes of olive trees and pine forests, which leave space in the mountain area for woods and meadows. Everything is dominated by the imposing profile of Monte Pastello, by the unmistakable "wounds" of the red marble quarries.


The human presence in the area dates back to prehistory; artifacts dating from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age have been found. In the hamlet of Molina, a prehistoric archaeological site has been brought to light, considered among the most important in Europe: the Fumane Cave.


Fumane also offers many naturalistic sites such as the Molina Waterfalls Park and the paths along the streams of the Valle dei Progni.

If, on the other hand, you are passionate about art and culture, then what you need is a visit to the mysterious Villa della Torre and the Sanctuary of La Madonna delle Salette.

37022 Fumane (VR)
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