Pieve romanica in San Floriano

A beautiful example of Romanesque art in Valpolicella

San Floriano is located in the center of Valpolicella, in the territory of San Pietro in Cariano, one of the villages that make up the Classic Valpolicella.

The church stands along the road that crosses the Valpolicella foothills, from east to west, right at the entrance to Valgatara, one of the most beautiful valleys in the whole area.

The parish church is dedicated to Floriano di Lorch, a Roman soldier stationed in Loriacum, today Lorch, in Austria and, like many of the first Christian martyrs, executed once he discovered that he belonged to the new religion that was spreading in the Roman Empire. San Floriano is a saint traditionally revered in Bavaria and Austria, and it is no coincidence therefore to see a parish church dedicated to him in the Verona area, always a place of exchange between the two sides of the Alps, at the mouth of the Val d'Adige natural way of communication with the Germanic world.

The presence of the church has been documented since the year 905 but the building of worship must certainly be older.

Via della Pieve, 49, 37029 San Pietro In Cariano VR
37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR)
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