Panoramic path in Gargagnago

Panoramic path in Gargagnago

If you love taking quiet walks in the silence of nature but also pedaling on your bike, in Gargagnago you can choose 5 different routes.

The Panoramic path has been divided into several paths, marked by different colors and designed for relaxing walks, with common departure and arrival.

All routes offer a variety of breathtaking views and panoramas. They wind through valleys and hills surrounded by green woods, vineyards, olive trees and cherry trees.



Continue on via Raimondi and keep right towards the panoramic path; after 300 m you pass a barrier and from here you can admire the town and the whole valley below you.

After another 500 m, you will see the hives of a bee colony; then go past the house in loc. Armaron.

From here the paths branch out:
GREEN and BROWN take the climb on the left up to Cavarena di Sotto;

YELLOW, BLUE and GRAY, keep right towards Olta del Vaio de l'Armaron and then go down.

Panoramic path in Gargagnago

37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR)
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