The Istituto Design Palladio, in collaboration with the International Center of Photography Scavi Scaligeri and with the patronage of the IUSVE University, present the third edition of the Grenze Festival of contemporary and international photography.


From 9 September to 2 November there will be seven exhibition locations that will welcome the photographers of the 2020 edition with numerous collateral events in various locations in the city and outside the walls.


The artistic direction and curatorship of the festival are by: Simone Azzoni, teacher and art critic Francesca Marra, photographer Arianna Novaga, teacher and scholar of photography.


This year's theme is Als Ob, "as if". In German it is doubtful: perhaps it is so, it is as if it were and therefore, sooner or later, it will be, otherwise patience. “As if” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. A hypothesis is projected into reality and lived as if it were. The "as if" is a supposition that, by the mere fact of having been pronounced, generates the event: never mind whether it is true or not. Als Ob opens scenarios towards possible reality, measures and alters the distance between the seen and the sighted.


Grenze is a non-profit Festival made possible by the important presence of some partners and supporters: Zanotto Foundation, Flos, Mail Boxes ETC, Cartongraph. Partner Galleries: Isolo17, Photographic Warehouses, Artistic Documentation Center, Contemporary Luigi di Sarro Technical sponsors: E-Graphic, Art Verona 2020, Scientific Theater, Diocesan Museum of Art, Are We Human Association, IC09 Valerio Catullo, Nessunopress, Incontridifotografia, Bookshop Due Punti, 5Continents Edizioni, Trentino Impact Hub, and Domini Veneti. Prints of the photos of Samuele Mancini and Canson.


The exhibitions at the former Military Arsenal (Pavilion 20/01 and buses) and the Pisanello Art space will be open during the days of the festival from 10 to 19, with free admission.

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