When you go to the old Ponale road, which climbs from Riva del Garda to the Valle di Ledro, you’ll be amazed by the wonderful view of Lake Garda that gives this path that climbs up on the side of the mountain, right on the water. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular and popular itineraries for tourists but also for locals, who willingly go for a walk up there.

But not everyone knows that from here you can access a real wonder, all the more breathtaking because it is completely unexpected and "invisible": it is the Tagliata del Ponale.


La Tagliata - so called because "cut" in the mountains - is a defensive complex built by the Austro-Hungarian army between 1860 and 1918, to guard the southern border of the great empire. Its function was to control the Ponale road, Lake Garda and the Sperone aqueduct that supplied Riva.


It is the "most daring work of military architecture of the entire resistance line of the Austro-Hungarian sector": the complex of works, distributed over five floors and for a rock development of about a kilometer, is connected to artillery posts, shelters , lookouts, which branch off from the last three galleries of the Ponale, going down towards Riva: everything is connected to the Defensionmauer, the defense wall placed above the "Zete" of the Ponale road. Forte Teodosio, an outdoor artillery battery built in 1860, is outside while the Tagliata is entirely carved out of rock.

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