Few, simple high-quality ingredients and a pinch of imagination: here’s a classy finger food aperitif to be enjoyed at home with the excellence of Garda.


Trout speck, sardines in oil, smoked trout: there are many ingredients with which you can try your hand in the kitchen to make tasty appetizers with the scent of the lake.


Beautiful to look at, but above all good to eat, lake fish finger food represents the ideal solution for the table especially during the summer.


Accompanying these authentic delights with excellences at km 0, makes these preparations a pleasant way to approach, in the distance, a place we love, savoring all its delicacies.


Here are some recipes to try absolutely.


- Finger food smoked trout roulade with Torbole broccoli cream


All you have to do is remove the cold-smoked salmon trout fillet from the skin, make some strips with a sharp knife and spread the cream of Torbole broccoli on it.


Roll up and enjoy with friends!


–Crostino of bread with mayonnaise and Trout Speck.


Another simple finger food.


Prepare the mayonnaise comfortably in a jar, without dirtying anything:

In a cold jar of fridge put the ingredients in this order: 1 egg (cold), 230 ml of seed oil (cold), 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 pinch of salt.


Sink the immersion mixer in the can and operate it at maximum speed. Stand still for the first few seconds, i.e. until half the ingredients become dense mayonnaise, lift it slowly and move it up and down quickly (to mix the oil on the surface well.


Stir and spread on your crouton after letting your mayonnaise harden in the fridge. Finish with this delight: diced trout speck.


- Small glass with courgette and ricotta mousse, with Trout Speck and balsamic vinegar


To make this latter appetizer, you will only need:

200 gr of ricotta

1 courgette

shallots Half

Salt, white pepper and extra virgin olive oil from Garda to taste

Trout speck

Balsamic vinegar


Fry the julienne courgette in a pan with the oil and shallot, finely chopped.


After about 10 minutes remove from the heat, drain the excess oil and let cool.


Take the cold ricotta from the fridge and blend it quickly, adding white pepper, salt and the courgettes fried with the shallot.


Leave to rest in the fridge for at least half an hour.


Put this foam in the glasses, add the speck of "rosellina" cake and finish with a drop of Balsamic Vinegar and a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


A good glass of wine and your aperitif is ready!


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