One of the most beautiful beaches on Lake Garda: JAMAICA BEACH

In Sirmione, near the Archaeological Area of ​​the Catullo Caves, there is Jamaica Beach, one of the most popular beaches on Lake Garda.


Characteristic of this beach is not only the clear and crystalline water, but the stone slabs that emerge, allowing you to take long walks or soak in the shallow water; this creates small swimming pools here and there and makes sure that even children can stay freely without danger, however, it is necessary to have comfortable shoes because the boulders are very slippery and you risk falling easily.


Today getting there is very simple: to reach it you need to travel the entire historic center of Sirmione and once you reach the end of the center, just follow the climb that leads to the Catullo Caves where, from a gate located near the bar and ticket office, you can access the beach by following the path that goes down to the coast.

Arriving from this side, you are greeted by a bar in which to stop for an aperitif or to refresh yourself while admiring the beautiful panorama, or enjoying the sun; a few more steps and you arrive at the beach.

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