10 NOVEMBER 2024

The Garda Trentino Half Marathon brings with it scenic beauty to be enjoyed slowly... but not too slowly, there is a result to be achieved and a stopwatch to stop, on a day that in recent years has provided the perfect temperature for competing, neither too hot nor too cold.


The 21K will also be available to Nordic walkers who will start at the back of the pack, and to all those who feel able to run it.


Halfway along the route, the race will thread its way towards the cycle path that runs along the Sarca river, the fourth longest river in Trentino and the main tributary of Lake Garda, parading from Torbole on the wings of the wind like sailors and windsurfers, drawing inspiration as it once did for artists and poets.


And to admire the remaining 'frescoes', all that remains is to continue one's ride towards Riva.

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