Sunday 17 March, the market will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On Bardolino's lakefront, the market exhibition of handicrafts, antiques and hobbies is renewed.
This is an opportunity to visit the town in an atmosphere of old and new crafts, with artisans intent on their work of creating objects of art and everyday life. Wood, silver, glass, iron, porcelain and terracotta mingle with objects of yesteryear, from vintage to antiques. Display and sale of furniture, silverware, antique books and prints, porcelain, various collectors' items, vintage watches and many rarities on the stalls of the more than 100 exhibitors.

Other dates on which this event will take place

- Sunday 21 April

- Sunday 19 May

- Sunday 16 June

- Sunday 21 July

- Sunday 18 August

- Sunday 15th September

- Sunday 20th October

- Sunday 17th November

- Sunday 22nd December


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