FEBRUARY 24 AND 25 AT 2.30 P.M.

In the beating heart of Lazise, among the alleys of history and the whispering of ancient stones, the enchantment is preparing to be renewed: on February 24 and 25, 2024, the Free Contrà del Marciapiè will reawaken its memories in a timeless carnival celebration.
Since the founding evening in November '79, a tradition has been perpetuated that inextricably links the soul of Lazise to Carnival. An event born from the telling of exclusive ways, from the sharing of a rich and living past, from the flavors of popular culture. It is here, among the stories of the countess and community synergies in search of the daily catch, that the plot of a unique Carnival, king of festivals, and guardian of Italy's first municipality, unfolds.
Witness the historic election of Chief Valar, the mayor of the heart of Lazise, through a festivity that celebrates history, life and origins. A double day that is colored with tripe and pessin, tantalizes every palate in search of gastronomic authenticity, and envelops every guest in the illuminated warmth of a ritual that smells of home and memories.
Come and experience the Carnival of the "Libera Contrà del Marciapiè" where every alley tells of the "bastìa," Lazise the ancient, and where every stone seems to reverberate the proud beat of those who knew how to protect themselves like no other, between the waters and the wood, the smiles and the handshakes. It is an invitation to travel back in time, a call to discover the original fishing method that gave birth to the characters of the carnival, a human fresco that awaits d

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