Carnival is a time of transgressions, fun, masquerade parties, snacks, treats for all children...and lots of music and entertainment!

Bardolino Carnival is the triumph of "Bacchus and Ariadne" and is one of the most famous Carnival Songs from 1490 by Lorenzo De Medici. It celebrates the victory of the masked float of Bacchus accompanied by his retinue: Ariadne, nymphs and satyrs. The song of "The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne" describes the mythological story of the love of Bacchus and Ariadne with the mischievous satyrs ambushing the nymphs.
Also found in the myth is a slight regret for the fleeting nature of youth with an invitation to enjoy each passing hour.
The general sense of the carnival festivities associated with this myth is that "del doman non v'è certezza," so it is worthwhile to live fully in the celebration of the present.
Would you like to take part in the carnival of Bardolino? What are you waiting for? Get all dressed up and join the procession that will parade through the colorful streets of the historic center.

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