27-28 JUNE 2023 AT 20:15

Once again this year there will be two appointments of the Festival della Bellezza: two conferences with debate at Villa Guarienti in Brenzone, in the enchanting setting of Punta San Vigilio.



Tuesday 27 June - Aphrodite and Ares, lecture by Stefano Zecchi

Imagery of love and war. Horror and beauty, the inhuman and the sublime, the aesthetic fascination of heroism. From Homer and Tolstoy to Apocalypse Now, artistic transfiguration creates the mythology that defines reality.


Wednesday 28 June - Does life imitate art or television more? lecture by Aldo Grasso

The great creations of images and myths. Expression between ends and means. Mirrors invent reality through fiction.The representation of new models turns on the black box.


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