What is more exciting than a sunset between rocks and lake? There are certainly many places on Lake Garda from which to admire the view when the sun goes down. Here below you will find a short list of the best places to watch the sunset, where you can 'chase' the disappearing sun, either behind the mountains or at the bottom of the water.

First, however, let's make a distinction between the two types of sunset you can see on the lake:

  • South: the sun kisses the horizon, setting the sky ablaze with its reflection on the water, towns and countryside.
  • North: the sun sets behind the mountains, shooting blades of light that colour the clouds in a thousand shades.

Easy places to reach on foot:

  • JAMAICA BEACH - Sirmione

Jamaica Beach

A nice walk through the centre of Sirmione will take you to this place of incomparable beauty: a beach of smooth white rocks known for its tropical resort look. Admire the sun's rays reflecting on the lake for a truly fascinating atmosphere.


Punta San Vigilio

The romantic spot par excellence offering one of the most spectacular sunsets on Lake Garda! It is a delightful little harbour surrounded by ancient buildings and reachable by a 5-minute walk from the car park.

Come and admire with your own eyes a unique place where many historical figures have enjoyed the beauty of nature and art; and stroll at sunset through the waters of the harbour, or arrive at the Bay of the Sirens, a scenic beach where you can feel enveloped by nature, the colours of the lake, the greenery and the rays reflecting on the water.

  • PORFINA BEACH - Riva del Garda

Porfina Beach

Watch the sunset from a unique perspective, in fact, looking southwards across the lake you will see the mountains of the east and west shore almost embrace: the Brescia shore with the sun setting behind its mountains and the Verona shore illuminated by the last rays of the sun setting Mount Baldo on fire.

Lying on the green meadow, with the clarity of the waters acting as a reflection, you will surely enjoy a unique sunset, protected by this sort of fjord created here in the Garda area of Trentino.

Places that can be reached by trekking:


Monte Altissimo

One of the most scenic spots is undoubtedly Monte Altissimo, a Trentino peak in Nago that can only be reached by trekking. It will be challenging but trust me that the view will repay all the effort!

You will get goose-bump views and the sun will set in full magnificence in front of you, behind the mountains on the Brescia side. The sunset here is chilling, the almost surreal natural spectacle scenery will leave you open-mouthed with fiery colours.

  • PUNTA LARICI - Riva del Garda

Punta Larici

The view from the tip of this rocky outcrop opening up to the blue lake and sky will surely astound you. Watch the sun set just behind you as you admire the lake with a view of the Trentino fjord, all the way to Sirmione.



The most breathtaking staircase in Italy, suspended sheer above the rock, will make you feel completely immersed in the nature that surrounds you. Prepare to witness a marvellous sunset; in fact, special excursions are organised to arrive at sunset time and enjoy an unforgettable panorama.

The stairs of almost 400 steps are an advantageous vantage point for enjoying the landscape overhanging the lake, with the golden lights of sunset enveloping the mountains and lake.

  • ROCCA DI GARDA - Garda

Rocca di Garda

A path through the woods takes you above the town of Garda to admire its characteristic gulf. Here the horizon lowers and the sun will set in front of you giving a real spectacle! Watch the sun slip away leaving a unique feeling of beauty and melancholy.

But that's not all because after sunset, when the moon comes, wherever you are, Garda will be even more magical...

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