FRIDAY, 29th JULY 2022

The Arco Climbing Stadium will host the 35th edition of RockMaster on 29th July: the most famous and longest-running climbing competition in the world.
Arco and the RockMaster have been one of the driving forces of sport climbing since the very beginning, from this edition they intend to propose something new. It will be a special edition like the one of 2021 with a renewed formula: 16 climbers (8 men and 10 women), among the strongest in the world, will compete in two spectacular climbing events - Ko Boulder and Lead Duel.
The two athletes with the best combined score in the two events will win the RockMaster 2022 title. Driven by the new Olympic formulas, great champions now excel in both disciplines, so for the first time the same athletes will be competing in the two events!

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