10th-12th JUNE 2022

Custoza Wine Festival

The Custoza lands are a unique area of history and nature. The morainic hills have created a terroir that has a decisive influence on the characteristics of the wine produced in these areas. Custoza DOC, moreover, celebrated its 50th anniversary last June.

Custoza is not just wine, so the festival becomes a container of widespread events to promote the territory, its beauty, its history, its companies and associations.

The new format includes a single Custoza wine shop and food stands with proposals ranging from risottos to street food.

Guided nature and historical walks have been organised, some selected with guides in re-enactment costumes, with stops at wineries along the routes. There will also be guided tours of historical sites, concerts, a literary salon presentation and various events to promote Custoza and its realities.

For the full programme of the event visit: 

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