Bardolino Top Foundation present “L’Estate del Chiaretto di Bardolino”, a month of events in the town and inland to celebrate the arrival of the summer and pay homage to the prince of the Veronese coast of Lake Garda, pink wine, in collaboration with the Consortium for the Protection of Chiaretto and Bardolino and the Municipality.

After a forced closure spring, therefore, Bardolino starts up again and prepares to welcome the thousands of tourists and visitors who habitually frequent the country, setting up a series of events with the aim of promoting the territory and its peculiarities.


On 27 and 28 June, the first edition of "Chiaretto Bardolino On the Road" will be held, four wine and gastronomic tasting routes to be followed strictly on foot that will wind through the hills and the historic center, involving the wine cellars and associations volunteering.

Each group, made up of a maximum of 25 people, will leave an hour from the next and in each stage scheduled on the route, you can taste a glass of Bardolino Chiaretto accompanied by a typical dish. All groups will be accompanied by a guide who will ensure compliance with the rules of social distancing.


On 4/5 July "Chiaretto in Cantina" will be held where, thanks to the collaboration with the Consortium for the Protection of Chiaretto and Bardolino, it will be possible to visit the cellars of Bardolino and taste their products, by booking the visit directly to the member companies. The list can be consulted on the Bardolino Top Foundation website and on that of the Consortium.


Finally, there will be "Chiaretto in Centro" dedicated to local restaurants and bars.

On 11 and 12 July, all participating activities will be marked by pink and you can taste the Bardolino Chiaretto in the glasses that pay homage to pink wine.

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