Bardolino is a very pleasant red wine that finds its home on the shore of Lake Garda.

The area of ​​production of grapes suitable for producing wines of the controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin "Bardolino Superiore" includes all or part of the territories of the municipalities Bardolino, Garda, Lazise, ​​Affi, Costermano, Cavaion, Torri del Benaco, Caprino , Rivoli Veronese, Pastrengo, Bussolengo, Sona, Sommacampagna, Castelnuovo, Peschiera, Valeggio.


In the Bardolino wine production area, the vine has been cultivated since the Bronze Age, as evidenced by some seeds found in the stilt houses of Peschiera, Lazise, ​​Cisano and Pacengo.


It’s a wine with a light ruby ​​red color, sometimes cherry red, tending to garnet with aging or pink in the Chiaretto type; vinous, characteristic and delicate nose; dry, savory and harmonious flavor with a slightly bitter finish.


Bardolino is accompanied by soups such as the "Scaligera", a tagliatelle or a first course of risotto with mushrooms, livers or peas. Excellent if accompanied with glazed veal with a side dish of mushrooms or white meat dishes.


Easy to drink, is considered a “whole meal" wine.


By decree of 1 August 2001 the Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin was assigned to the "Bardolino Superiore" wine.

It’s an important recognition for one of the best known and most appreciated wines, by far the first Venetian red wine to reach this important milestone, thus rewarding the productive originality of the Garda area and its hinterland.


37011 Bardolino (VR)
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