The fish has been a protagonist of the cuisine of restaurants and trattorias on Lake Garda for a decade.


The coregoni lavarello is very widespread, a salmonid with white, compact meat, with very few bones, usually cooked on the grill. Grilled sardines are also cooked on the embers, which are caught in the first summer and farmed trout.


In recent years, small quantities of carpioni, salmonids from the delicate and tasty pink or white meat present alone in Lake Garda, have been caught, known for their delicacy since the Middle Ages.


In the nets of fishermen there’re also lucci, tinche, persici, alborelle, all protagonists of the Garda cuisine.


The perch fillets typical of other Alpine lakes have been cooked since the real perch, a decade ago, reappeared in large quantities in the Garda waters. It is prepared by browning the fillets lightly floured in a little butter and sage or with the miller, blending a fine browning with a little white wine.


Richer in taste are eel and sardines "en saor". Lake sardine has always been an incredible resource for the area and this preparation has now become a flagship of Venetian cuisine.


The restaurateurs of the lake have developed fish dishes partly borrowed from the cuisine of other regions. Among these, the lake fish soup certainly has a prominent place.

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