Cantina Vantini Luigi & Figli

At the beginning of the last century

in the heart of the historical Valpolicella area,

Angelo Vantini thought it would be a good idea to cultivate

some of the family’s land by planting valuable and sturdy vines.

Angelo Vantini’s decision lead to the founding of a company

that would continue  for generations to come;

Angelo Vantini, handed the company down to his son, Attilio,

then, to his grandson Luigi, who today also counts

on the support of his other family members.

The history, the desire to uphold traditions, the culture of the vineyard, the experience within the winemaking business,

technology and modern marketing have all fused harmoniously together in order to keep the original origins alive.

The results of these synergies are a series of wines that have been able to encompass the sun, the earth and the labour in the final product,

which is also very well known for its quality.

Cantina Vantini Luigi & Figli - SOCIAL MEDIA
Via Ca'dell' Ebreo, 7, 37029 San Pietro in Cariano VR
37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

Lunedì   9.30-12.30; 14-17;

Martedì   9.30-12.30; 14-17;

Mercoledì   9.30-12.30; 14-17;

Giovedì   9.30-12.30; 14-17;

Venerdì   9.30-12.30; 14-17;

Sabato   9.30-12.30;

Domenica   Chiuso;


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