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That of the Ronca winery is not the traditional story of lands handed down from father to son for generations, but it is nonetheless hand-in-hand with what is needed to make the vines grow: the earth.

In 1946 the progenitor of the family, Ulderico Ronca, bequeathed a plot of land in the province of Verona to his wife and children. Ten years later, Walter and his brothers sold this plot of land to obtain the necessary funds to set up an industrial business, which developed solidly and flourished over time.

In 1976, having returned from their industrial investments, the Ronca brothers decided to buy land in another area of ​​the province of Verona, in Sommacampagna, where the winery stands today. They dedicate the newly established farm to their father, who with the bequest of the original plot made it possible to start up their business. Thus the Nonno Ulderico farm was born, which produced both grapes and fruit.

In 2000, Walter's son, Massimo, who until then had worked first in the family business, and then as a banker, discovered a love for the countryside, for the open air and for a life closer to the rhythms of nature . Massimo has some ambitious projects. He takes over the company from his uncles, and with his father Walter he dedicates himself body and soul to the organization of the company according to the most modern knowledge of viticulture. Some vineyards are renewed, others arranged, and new cuttings are planted, increasing the production area to reach the current size of 20 hectares of vineyards.

In 2005, finally, the big step: the construction of the winemaking cellar, built almost entirely underground to keep the temperature of the wines constant and not to have excessive impact on the surrounding environment. It is also equipped with all the necessary technologies, while remaining rational and extremely functional.

The 2007 vintage gives paternity to the first bottles with the Ronca brand, the culmination of many sacrifices.

It all started with a plot of land.

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