Cantina Fornaser

Giuseppe Fornaser was born in 1920. His father, Giuseppe Fornaser, was a passionate wine grower, who was awarded prizes (1924) in wine-growing and production capability, with the Certificate of Merit of Fiera Cavalli in Verona. His son cultivates his father’s passion in his spare time, and is also committed to his teacher profession, love for theatre, culture and social work in his community. The elementary school teacher is also a Life’s Master, a theatre director and a great communicator. Paolo, who has a technical degree in wine cultivation, enters the company in 1984, and so his other sons Giorgio, Fabiano and Massimiliano supported him with determination. The master, knowing well his own land, has passed down the knowledge and passion to his children that became adults and started taking care of the land. The sons have embraced the knowledge, transforming it into profession, the passion into art, and the grapes into wine. The circle is complete, from alpha to omega.

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