Cantina Corte Saibante

For generations the estates have been farmed by our family with the purpose of cultivating the vineyards and selling the grapes to local cooperatives and other producers.
With time we felt the desire to create something that would reflect our identity, representing us and our passion for fine wine. Thus, in 2012 we decided to perform the vinification process by ourselves and build our own state of the art winery. This is how the Corte Saibante project was born.
It began with our deep passion for the vineyards and our dreams of perfecting the growth of the incredible grape varieties native to this land, able to produce world famous wines.

Our philosophy has always been aimed to emphasize the terroir and the eco-sustainability. For this reason, in 2019 we decided to convert our vineyards to organic production.

We are a young and dynamic winery that sees the coronation of many years of efforts in the vineyards. Step by step we have taken important decisions and now we are ready to present our story, our way to live the vineyards and the winery, and proud to present our wines: a perfect expression of the land that originated them and the philosophy of the people who produces them.

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Via Cariano, 16/D, 37029 San Pietro in Cariano VR
37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

Lunedì   9-17;

Martedì   9-17;

Mercoledì   9-17;

Giovedì   9-17; 

Venerdì   9-17;

Sabato   9-17;

Domenica.  Chiuso;

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