SUP is a water sport that is widespread all over the world and numerous practitioners are also on Lake Garda. Those who practice it stand on the table and move around using a paddle.


The Sup, stand up paddling, is a very fashionable sport in recent times and Lake Garda is the ideal terrain to practice it thanks to the many beaches and the favorable climate.


The rapid spread of this sport is due to the speed of learning. The sup, in fact, is a crossover sport, easy, autonomous, rewarding and it is also fun. And if that's not enough, it's practicable all year round. The only limit is that you need to know how to swim.


Be careful though, paddling is not easy to learn. It is always better to take advantage of the experience of a valid instructor and on Lake Garda you can find excellent ones.


In various locations on Lake Garda it is possible to find schools or centers where the necessary equipment is rented, and where it is therefore possible to experience this sport. These include Garda, Castelletto di Brenzonone, Malcesine, Navene and Manerba del Garda.

37015 Garda (VR)
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