Another popular sport on Lake Garda is canoeing.

Aboard your canoe, you can discover from a different perspective the most authentic beauty of Lake Garda, its inlets, gulfs, sheer cliffs, and secluded beaches.

The best time to canoe at Lake Garda is undoubtedly the summer, mainly July and August, when the winds drop and the calm waters of the lake become approachable even by less experienced canoeists.

Not only the lake, however, can be explored on board a canoe, also the numerous streams, rivers and torrents that descend from the hills surrounding the lake can provide intense emotions and even a little healthy adrenaline.

Canyoning is a very popular sport, and can be practised in summer along streams, gorges, creeks and waterfalls aboard fast single or group canoes, followed by expert guides who will always ensure you have fun in total safety and without risking anything.

The more adventurous excursions take place mainly along stretches of the Brenta river, beyond Vicenza.

The more leisurely excursions are along the Adige, through Verona, or along the river valley.

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