Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle

The Cornelle Animal Park is an important presence both from the scientific and the touristic point of view, managed by a private company, therefore enjoys no public funding and Its income comes solely from the ticket.
The Park extends itself over a surface of 126.000 sq. mt and hosts around 120 animal species of mammals, birds and reptiles. The structures follow the most recent european trends regarding animal well being, insuring that each species has a life as close as possible to that in the wild both in terms of socialization, spaces and stimuli as well as taking into consideration animal and visitor safety.
Entrance to the park is exclusively on foot and by following an ideal path, the visitor can live an exciting experience.
Visitors can admire well known species right next to less common and endangered species like the Snow Leopard, the Japanese Crane, Lear’s Macaw, the White Lions and the White Tiger whose white mantel is caused by the combination of recessive genes.

The Park offers an articulate didactic program for students of all ages. The guided tours are one, two or four hours long and organized with the help of a team of naturalists with two main goals. Give the students the opportunity to getto know the animals and at the same time increase their awareness of more generic themes tied to the environment and nature. Besides meeting the animals, the students can carry out laboratory activities that help stimulate reflection on the relationship between man and nature from a perceptive point of view.

Along with this program, the Park offers a restaurant, a self-service, a pizza place, five bars located around the Park ‘s premises, a pic-nic area, a parking lot, a children’s park and several souvenir shops.

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Via Cornelle, 16
24030 Valbrembo (BG)

REGULAR TICKETS Price per ticket
ADULTS ( age12+ ) 16,00 €


( Age 3 – 11 )( Over 65 )( Teachers )

( University students )

12,00 €


GROUPS (minimum 15pax) Price per ticket
ADULTS ( age 12 +) 13,00 €
CHILDREN ( Age 3 – 11 ) 10,00 €

Free entrance

for the teachers



TYPE Price per person
1 hour long (for pre-schools and kindergarten) 95,00 €
2 hour long (max 25 people) 170,00 €
4 hour long (max 25 people) 220,00 €
Holiday supplement 25,00 €



TYPE Price per person
TRAIN 2,00 €
RIDES (for children up to 10/12 years) 1,50 €
TRAIN 1,50 €

TRAIN + RIDES (for children up to 10/12 years.

1 free gift for every 15 paying guests)

2,00 €


Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle
Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle
Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle
Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle
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